Communities Culture and Heritage:

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“Sport and Recreation Funding Programs

Sport and Recreation leads government efforts and collaborates with communities to improve the quality of life of Nova Scotians through sport and recreation. It supports the sector to develop an effective and integrated system of high-quality opportunities and supports for Nova Scotians to live actively. 

Active Communities Fund
Community Recreation Capital Grant
Recreation Facility Development Grant
Gender Equity Capacity Building Support Fund
Planning Assistance Program
Provincial Recreation/Physical Activity Project Funding
Recreation Community Development Grant
Sport Hosting"

Municipality of the County of Kings:

"Community Grants & Funding

Presently there are two programs in King County which are availble to assist children and youth under 19 years of age who are unable financially to afford the costs of Recreation and Sport registration fees, transportation and equipment costs."

 Kidsport and Canadian Tire Jumpstart

"Active Kids Healthy Kids

This fund is available to “not for profit” organizations for community groups within Kings County. It is meant to help the community develop innovative, non-traditional, creative physical activity initiatives that enable children and youth to lead physically active lifestyles."



Sport Nova Scotia:


Sport Nova Scotia offers funding programs for many different aspects of sport participation including support for:

  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Communities
  • Athletes
  • Sport Projects
  • Development
  • Leadership

Nova Scotia Health Authority:

“Wellness Initiative Fund

Wellness Funds are for non-profit groups working to improve health in their communities and must address the health priorities identified by the Community Health Boards (CHBs) in their current community health plan.”

Kings County is in the Western Region, all applications are due in October. New applications open mid-late June.

Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education:

“Positive Noise Grant

is a regional youth micro-grant initiative, in partnership with the Annapolis Valley Regional Library’s Department of Justice Community Grant and the AVRCE Healthy School Communities. The purpose of these grants is to provide students (youth) with resources to make a difference in their school or community (on site at schools & off site in their communities).”

Available for youth ages 10-18 for projects up to $200

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