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Physical activity provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and is associated with a range of benefits throughout life including social interaction, increased attentiveness, confidence, health and overall wellbeing. At the same time, we know that being inactive is a cause of many health problems such as obesity and diabetes which have increased in recent years.

Sport and recreation are part of the fabric of Canadian life. Take a look around our wonderful beaches and waterways, our parks, reserves and sportsgrounds, and it is obvious sport is a passion. From cycling or walking our high-quality recreational trails, playing kick-to-kick in the schoolyard, sport binds and builds communities, empowers, inspires and motivates individuals, provides work-life balance and helps shape our character.

While we recognise the contribution sport makes to the building of national pride, and the value of recreation in community health, we may have overlooked the additional benefits these activities bring to society.

Our Mission is 3 Fold -

  • To stimulate interest in recreation and healthy life styles in the Canning and District area
  • To create and support recreational programs  and
  • To provide and manage associated facilities

Businesses Supporting Recreation

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