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Thank you to our supporting advertisers!

We are very greatful for the financial support of local businesses to this website.  Your advertising dollars assist in paying to keep this website live and up to date for the benefit of the greater Canning and area community.  Without this website our job of letting everyone know what is happening in recreation is left to a few posters and word of mouth.  With this website we can reach everyone in the community with important information, schedules, notcies, pictures and videos of events and receive feedback from the community in a much more efficient and timely manner.  We are proud to provide top quality services to our community, and to promote your business at the same time.

How can my business get involved?

By paying just $20 per year towards the Canning Recreation website, we will hapily scan your business card to be included on our front page rotating ad banner for one full year.  Early estimates show that your card will be seen no less than 2500 times, and that number will grow as visitors to the site increases with awareness.  That's not even a penny per view, and every one of those views is a potential customer.  It's the cheapest advertising you can do, and more importantly it supports your community.

Contact the Recreation office for more information, or drop by with your cheque for $20 and a business card to be scanned. 

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Businesses Supporting Recreation

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